Our mission is to provide an unsurpassed customer experience

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Client Relations & Customer Service

Reltco, Inc. is a Nationwide Title Agency providing title and loan closing services to national and regional lending institutions. RELTCO supports lenders, banks and realtors by providing essential and time-sensitive services in 50 states and the District of Columbia. RELTCO’s customer base includes national residential mortgage lenders, consumer finance companies, regional and local commercial banks, savings banks, mortgage brokers, credit unions and realtors.

With our comprehensive line of mortgage closing services, RELTCO has established itself as a leading service provider. Loan closings entail the timely delivery of accurate information in the customer’s format. The Company’s products include title services (searching, property reports and full title insurance products) along with closing services; the essentials of a mortgage transaction.

Management recognizes that the Company’s key to success is offering a full product line and providing a superior level of service to its customers, with a focus on meeting and exceeding the expectations of lenders by providing the following:

  • Superior Service and Turnaround Time

  • Response time is critical in avoiding closing delays and allowing sufficient time to cure potential defects.

  • Accessibility

  • Brokers and lenders want to be able to monitor the title process to gain level of confidence that progress is being made.

  • Reliability

  • Track record of on-time complete title services.

RELTCO was founded by Paula L. Woodring who has over twenty five years industry experience. She is joined by Lauren Sittig and Dani Cole to form the Company’s Leadership Team